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Each garden is unique, each project is different. Waterair Swimming Pools understands this well and offers 90 pool models and over 200,000 variations (size, shape, colour, steps, etc.) to make your dream of a bespoke swimming pool come true!

Thanks to the exclusive Waterair Swimming Pools corrugated steel panel technology, you can customise the size and shape of your pool. This enables you to adapt it to your wishes, garden and budget. To provide you with even more choice, we also offer:

  • a range of pool steps
  • different types of bottom
  • filtration systems
  • pool liners
  • and a wide choice of other equipment, including pool lighting, heating, salt treatment, etc…

Discover what Waterair Swimming Pools can offer you for the construction of the bespoke swimming pool you have always dreamed of:

A pool for every garden

The size and configuration of every garden is different. Waterair swimming pools adapt to every type of natural terrain, even steep slopes. The ground in your garden may be clayey, rocky or sandy. As the framework of our pools consists of resistant panels, it is possible to install them in all types of soil. The same applies to moderate or steep slopes.
Thanks to Waterair technology, it is possible to create an infinite variety of pool shapes (including free-form pools) that enable our pools to adapt to all environments. They can fit the curves of your garden or house, or even adapt to the surrounding plants. This is something a classic rectangular pool may not necessarily allow you to do!

Finally, you can also choose the construction of any type of pool, including:

instalar una piscina interior Waterair

Just follow the steps described in the assembly guide.

Waterair can help you design your project by requesting a site study. This is free, personalised and with no commitment on your part. Our local partner (trained in our factory) will go to your home to study your site and assess your needs to design your bespoke swimming pool.

A swimming pool that matches your wishes

There is no ideal pool size. Waterair Swimming Pools knows how to make your dreams come true! Adding or removing a panel will enable you to enlarge or reduce the size of your pool so that it will adapt to your garden, needs or budget.

We offer small bespoke swimming pools. These measure less than 10 m² and require no prior declaration of works. They are derived from larger models from which we remove panels so that they adapt to smaller gardens. By choosing the Sara Mini or the Lola Mini, the wide and comfortable optional steps are incorporated into your pool to enable you to save even more space.

If you are thinking of installing a lap pool in your garden, Waterair Swimming Pools can also offer you this type of bespoke swimming pool. A lap pool is only 4 m wide and can measure up to 25 m in length. In this case, it is possible to add panels to reach the size that best suits your swimming needs.

By ordering our free catalogue, you can obtain information about our range and the sizes and areas of the pools we offer.

A customised pool from the bottom to the steps

A bespoke swimming pool means one that is both aesthetically pleasing and adapted to your needs. That is why we offer you a selection of steps, bottoms, filtration systems and liners.

You can choose the model of steps. These can be incorporated (interior and entry) into your pool to save space and allow you to avoid modifying the shape. They can also be exterior (exit) to your pool and, depending on the model, can be installed where you like – opposite your house, facing the sunset or to avoid an obstacle in your garden: the choice is yours !

Compared with swimming pool shells, which most often have flat bottoms, Waterair in-ground pools offer a range of bottoms to fit your needs. You can choose a dished bottom or a mini-well, which are particularly well adapted for family use. The deep-end bottom is ideal for divers and athletes (2.40 m).

Choosing a swimming pool filtration system is not always easy. Sand filtration is very often offered on the market, but there are other solutions that are easier to install and consume less water. Waterair Swimming Pools offers you several solutions, including cartridge filtration or pocket filtration systems. During the site study, our representative will help you choose the filtration system that is best adapted to your configuration and budget.

The colour of your pool gives it presence and elegance, but must also correspond to your personality. That is why our range of bespoke, 12-year warranty* pool liners is diversified. Give your pool a tropical touch with a Tuscany or crystal-clear shimmer with an Azure or Grey liner. Choose a Marble Slate liner for a dash of elegance. Voilà – your bespoke pool liner!

In order to assess your needs and discover all the options that are available to you, ask for a free quote. Our local representative will be happy to meet you to prepare it with you.

*according to our general conditions of warranty

Dive in!

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