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A home swimming pool is the ideal place to teach children how to swim. Nevertheless, one false step can turn your dream into a nightmare. In order to prevent the risk of drowning, especially for children under the age of five, the law obliges all owners of private swimming pools to equip their pools with adequate safety devices. These pool safety devices must respect very precise standards, which may never replace the active vigilance of adults.

Let’s look at the different choices that are available to you.

Install safety equipment, yes, but which ?

At Waterair Swimming Pools, we have classified them into two categories:

  • Safety devices that provide safety only (alarms and fences)
  • Multi-function safety installations (cover, shelter)

Classic safety devices

Alarms: The only active safety system that warns you if a weight over 6 kg falls into the water. This device is the least expensive on the market. It is both attractive and easy to install. A word of warning, however: the alarm only triggers when the child is in the water, which requires rapid intervention.

Safety barriers: They are easily installed to fit the desired perimeter around the pool. These barriers are transparent for aesthetic reasons and also allow you to see through them. Be vigilant over closing the gate that gives access to the pool!


Multi-function safety installations

Shelters: Once closed, shelters provide total security for your pool, but that’s not all. They offer 4 non-negligible advantages: they provide safety; they heat the pool water by up to 9 °C in a eco-friendly way; they simplify pool maintenance by eliminating exterior pollution and save on water treatment products.

Covers: There are several models available at Waterair Swimming Pools:


  • Solae Waterair ® pool cover: It meets the same criteria as a shelter and has the advantage of being very attractive, thanks to its transparent panels.

  • Securiwat and Watertop type multi-season covers with bars: Very robust, these covers facilitate pool maintenance by protecting the pool from dirt and by limiting the development of algae. They also maintain the temperature of your water. Obviously, they will only prevent people from falling into the water if they are put back in place after each use.
  • Opaque winter cover: The qualities of these covers are similar to the ones described above.

For your information: We remind you that bubble covers do not provide safety for your swimming pool.

In order to choose the safety installation that best corresponds to the way you use your pool, we suggest you request a free, personalised site study.

The 6 reflexes to adopt to protect your children from accidents

As the FFP (French Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals) so rightly advises the public, there are 6 key points to adopt during the bathing season:

  • Always bathe under adult supervision
    When they play in the pool or at the poolside, children must be systematically under the surveillance of an adult who is designated as responsible for safety.
  • Equip children with suitable arm bands
    If your children do not know how to swim, it is important to equip them with arm bands that are adapted to the size, age and weight of the child. Teach them how to swim as soon as possible.
  • Keep a pole, life ring and a telephone near the pool
    You must be able to react very quickly to reduce the danger of the incident. Keep a pole and a life ring near the pool, as well as a telephone in case you need to call an emergency number. You can also learn the first response techniques that will provide you with the essential reflexes to give assistance to the victim before the arrival of emergency services.
  • Do not leave toys in the water after bathing
    Remember to remove all floating and inflatable objects and put safety equipment back in place.
  • Equip your pool with a safety device
    In the case of an in-ground or semi in-ground pool, the law requires the installation of a safety device (alarm, fence or cover). Don’t forget to put it back in place after each use of the pool. For above-ground pools, it is important to install a safe means of access (ladder or steps). Remember to provide constant surveillance. The interior ladder must nevertheless be secured (removed or fixed). There are also special above-ground pool covers that comply with safety standards to secure pools after bathing.
  • Store water treatment products out of reach of children
    Chemical products are necessary to maintain proper water hygiene. By respecting this advice, you will treat your pool under the best safety conditions. Always stock products separately and well-closed in their original packaging and in a vertical position. Keep them in a dry and well-ventilated place, out of the reach of children to prevent any household accident.

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