What is an infinity pool?

The distinguishing feature of an infinity pool is that it overflows on one of its sides. The water flows over into a balancing tank at a lower level than the swimming pool. This overflow tank collects the water, which is then filtered and returned to the pool, in a perpetual cycle.

Where can an infinity pool be installed?

An infinity pool makes perfect sense on a sloping site, particularly one with a superb view. Here, the edge of the water will merge with the horizon, making full sense of the name infinity pool. Facing the sea, a lake or a mountain range, the overflow provides a new perspective on the surrounding landscape.

How much does an infinity pool cost?

The infinity pool comes into the high-end category of pool projects. It will cost, on average, a third more than a traditional pool. To install an infinity pool in your garden, you will need to spend at least 30,000€, and this budget will depend, too, on the equipment you want to add to it.

Constructing an infinity pool is complex and needs to be done entirely by a professional.

Waterair swimming pools: the accessible dream

At Waterair Swimming Pools, we aim to provide solutions that are both technically and financially accessible, which is why we do not offer this type of installation. However, having an exceptional pool does not have to involve complex construction or spending vast sums of money. Waterair pools are designed to be suitable for all types of terrain, even steeply sloping ones!
So, you, too, can enjoy sipping on a cocktail, comfortably seated on your pool steps, while admiring the view, without blowing your budget.

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