Piscine ronde en acier

This pool shape, although usually associated with above-ground pools, is sometimes also offered as an in-ground option. It’s a classic design that usually comes with a flat bottom, making it ideal for families.

Advantages and drawbacks of a round steel pool

In an above-ground configuration, the round pool has many advantages: due to its perfect roundness, it’s free-standing, which makes it the most sturdy option for an above-ground pool. It also allows optimum water flow and thus very efficient filtration.

This shape is less suitable for a fully in-ground pool, however. A fully in-ground round pool will be difficult to locate in a garden where space is lacking. Indeed, a pool that’s as long as it is wide can be difficult to position in any garden. You therefore need to ensure that your garden is big enough to accommodate both this shape of pool and any poolside area you want to add.

Covering a large round pool is also more complex. It will be difficult to add an enclosure or a bar cover on a 6m-diameter round pool, for example.

Because of these restrictions, we’ve made the choice, at Waterair Swimming Pools, to no longer offer this type of pool. We have, however, reviewed and designed pool shapes that have all the advantages of round ones, including better water flow and ease of assembly and maintenance. And we’ve done so in a way that will allow you to have a tailor-made pool that suits your terrain.

Fully in-ground round pool: The Waterair Swimming Pools alternative

The structure of a Waterair pool is composed of modular panels made of thick corrugated steel. This technology allows great freedom of form while remaining easy to install and particularly economical. That’s why we’re able to offer you a wide choice of pool shapes. Our goal: to enable you to choose the pool that suits you at a fair price.

Whether you opt for an oval, kidney-shaped, free-form or rectangular pool with rounded corners, each of our pools can be customised to your liking. You can choose everything:

  • Shape: Whatever your desires in terms of design, ease of installation and location in your garden, we have just the shape of pool to suit you.
  • Steps: Whether internal or external, our steps enable you to create a multi-zone pool by adding a lovely leisure space.
  • Pool bottom: Flat, mini-pit, dished floor your pool bottom can be chosen to suit the use you plan to make of your pool.
  • Colour: Thanks to our range of liners, you can choose the ambiance you want to give your pool.
  • Equipment: We offer a range of quality equipment to suit your pool needs, from covers to heat pumps and automatic pool cleaners.

So, it’s your pool that adapts to you, your desires and your garden. To help you realise your pool project, we provide you with a free and personalised feasibility study. This will be carried out by one of our specially trained consultants to define all the parameters of your pool project.

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