A pool increases the value of your property

Once built, an in-ground pool provides a new dimension to your home and embellishes your garden. Both aesthetic and elegant, it significantly enhances the value of your property, up to 20% according to several studies.

A place that symbolises conviviality

"Beyond property value, a human dimension"

A swimming pool is the ideal place to spend pleasant moments alone, with friends or with the family. This investment will enable the whole family to develop friendship and family ties, leaving behind TVs, games consoles, computers and other solitary activities.

Guaranteed well-being and comfort with an in-ground swimming pool

This home leisure area enables you to relax and get full enjoyment from your garden. Lazy weekends by the poolside, water activities, coffee breaks, aperitifs and barbecues with friends, family meals, romantic evenings... peace and well-being is at hand. Enjoy wonderful times in your pool or by the poolside! The spa options are sure to seduce home-owners seeking total relaxation.

A swimming pool budget that is optimised from the moment of purchase to day-to-day use

Waterair Swimming Pools in-ground pools fulfil your wishes and requirements with a wide range of swimming pools and a choice of models and options that will adapt to your budget.

Once your pool has been installed, it's time for outdoor fun at home! No need to drive hundreds of miles, face traffic jams or struggle to find a place amid a crowded beach – enjoy a custom swimming area and an idyllic area for relaxing.

Waterair in-ground swimming pools – for guaranteed quality

To offer you even more comfort, Waterair Swimming Pools guarantees the solidity and quality of its pools. Designed in France, they satisfy all standards of safety and quality. The structure of Waterair pools is guaranteed up to 20 years.

Fun and beautiful in-ground pools that will delight young and old!