Piscine pour terrain en pente

Installing a swimming pool on a sloping site It can be done with swimming pool technology, particularly in kit form, development work and the expertise of a swimming pool specialist. Use Waterair Pools to build your dream swimming pool on your land.

Install a swimming pool on a sloping site with the right technology

At Waterair Swimming Pools, our swimming pools are made of corrugated steel panels. This technology, guaranteed for 20 years, has been used successfully for over half a century. In 50 years, Waterair swimming pools have brought happiness to more than +50 families around the world.

A self-supporting structure

The secret of the Waterair swimming pool is its self-supporting structure. This feature offers several installation options for your pool: buried on all sides, partially above ground or completely above ground. It is therefore ideal for installing a swimming pool on a slope.

Technology that adapts to all terrains

The elements of your swimming pool, made up of panels, can easily be brought to a construction site. This feature offers the possibility of building a swimming pool both on high ground and on very steep land or backyards that are not easily accessible, unlike a pool with a shell base. This is all the more true for slim pools or pools with no steps, where all the components can be carried through your house.

An economical solution

This technology even allows the pool to be installed without having to build a support wall. Easier and quicker to install, our swimming pools offer great savings. Waterair Swimming Pools has 200,000 variants available for you to build your custom pool.
To see all our swimming pool models, get our free catalogue.

Building a swimming pool on a sloping ground: layout options

There are several ways to make earth banks when building a swimming pool on sloping ground. Among these development solutions are:

  • Riprapping. This solution consists of creating a bank or a wall of largish rocks to keep the soil in place. This layout offers a natural appearance.
  • A retaining wall. Made from brick or concrete, this wall is built around the pool, on the slope, to support the ground around your pool . This solution offers a custom appearance as you can choose the wall materials and colours to fit perfectly into the space.
  • A Gabion basket A metal structure resembling a cage filled with stones, pieces of glass or wood, this is a waterproof and safe way to support the sloping ground around your swimming pool.
  • A wooden deck Often seen around an above ground pool, this solution is economical and allows you to create a contemporary pool area in your garden.
  • Railway sleeper walls. If you’re an upcycling enthusiast this solution is a highly economical way to support the sloping ground around your swimming pool.

To find out about all the possible layouts for a swimming pool on sloping or terraced ground, request a location study. This complete, custom study is carried out by an advisor for free. Our adviser will offer you the best solutions for installing a swimming pool at your home despite the sloping land.

Why are we talking about sloping ground?

Flat ground is ideal for installing a home swimming pool, but you can build a swimming pool on sloping or terraced land. What do we mean by sloping ground? If your land’s slope percentage is less than 6%, we’ll only talk about inclination. On the other hand, more than 6% is considered to be sloping land.

You may also need to support or terrace your land to install your outdoor swimming pool if it has an inclination. But this still represents less work than for sloping ground. Levelling with gravel and coarse sand may be sufficient for the installation of your swimming pool.

Are you wondering about the feasibility of your swimming pool construction project? Please contact an advisor for a free location study.

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