Gardens are getting smaller and smaller these days. However, this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dream of a swimming pool! Contrary to popular thinking, you don’t have to have a large site to build a swimming pool. In fact, only 50m² are required to install a small swimming pool.

Which model of swimming pool for a small garden? What solutions for small sites to Waterair Swimming Pools offer? What are the advantages of a small swimming pool for a small site?

Waterair Swimming Pools: swimming pools for small gardens

We strive to offer our customers the tailor-made swimming pool that meets their needs. It is with this in mind that we offer solutions for the installation of a swimming pool in a small garden.

We offer you a range of small swimming pools spanning less than 20m² to choose from, such as:

  • The Olivia pool, measuring 5.16m x 2.37m (or 11m²)
  • The Céline kidney pool measuring 4.93m x 3.44m x 2.31m (or 13m²)
  • The Barbara rectangular pool measuring 6.09m x 3.30m (or 18.5m)
  • and many more.

Request your free catalogue to discover all of our models of tailor-made small swimming pool!

Another space-saving solution is the mini swimming pool for small gardens. This type of pool for small, or even very small spaces has a surface area equal to or less than 10m². Save even more space while still benefitting from the comfort and benefits of the water. Waterair Swimming Pools offers 3 models of mini pool:

  • The Olivia Mini measuring 4.23 x 2.37 metres, or 9m²
  • The Sara Mini measuring 3.88 x 2.71 metres, or 10m²
  • The Lola Mini measuring 3.75 x 2.96 metres, or 9m²

What’s more, our swimming pools are tailor-made pools and are therefore highly customisable (20,000 variants) and can be adapted to suit your space. For example, it is possible to choose a set of pool steps integrated into the inside of the pool, or outside of the pool if you have the required space.

Request a free quotation to assess the price of the small surface area swimming pool that will be adapted to suit your wishes and requirements!

What are the advantages of a small swimming pool for a small site?

A small swimming pool on a small site offers the main advantages of a large pool : lounge/balneo steps, lighting, … while remaining easy to maintain and more economical.

For pools with a surface area less than 10m², there is no need to apply for planning permission in advance. This will allow you to build your pool a little faster and your will be enjoying your first swim before you know it!

Owning a swimming pool, whatever its size, allows you to benefit from the joys of the water! One might, wrongly, think that a small pool will not offer great functionality. It is actually entirely possible to install a small multi-zone swimming pool in which you can relax on the steps, play in the water and even swim… your entire family will truly reap the benefits of a small swimming pool on your small site.

Are you still hesitant because you think that your garden is too small? You can take advantage of a free installation evaluation performed by your dedicated Waterair Swimming Pools consultant, to assess your needs and the size of small pool you require!


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