The advantages of a pool, and some common misconceptions

Do you dreaming of having your own swimming pool? Are you still having some doubts about owning one? Here are two articles that will answer your questions and shatter some misconceptions about having your own pool.

Choosing your pool and its amenities

Pool types

Swimming pools differ in their type of construction and installation, their design and shape and their location. At Waterair Swimming Pools, our desire is to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice.


The choice of your pool shape will be affected by several factors: its design, the location of your garden and the use you want to make of it. For more information, here is a directory featuring the most popular swimming pool shapes.


As with the shape, it's important that you choose the right size for your pool. The size will obviously depend on that of your terrain, but your choice will also be determined by your needs and your budget. With 90 models and more than 200,000 permutations, our aim is to enable you to choose the size of pool that will suit you.


Our swimming pools fit everywhere, whatever sort of garden you have! Whether your terrain is big or small, in the countryside or in a town, flat or steeply sloping, the pool will adapt to your garden, not the other way round.

Pool equipment

We offer a wide range of amenities: steps for additional comfort, a pool bottom adapted for all the family, heating to enable you to enjoy your pool for longer, and of course, safety features. Our guide will help you choose the right features for your pool.


The layout of your pool is a project that needs to be considered as a whole: first of all you'll choose your pool and its features, then you'll think about its surrounds. Discover here ideas and advice for laying out your pool area and making your garden a real outdoor living space.

Building your pool


This section is devoted to installing a Waterair swimming pool: discover the various stages of construction, the best time to install a pool and the different installation techniques (from kit pools to ready-made pools). Everything is explained to help you choose the most appropriate solution.

Choosing a pool construction company

From steel kit pools to shell or concrete pools, there are various ways to construct your pool. There are many pool specialists in the swimming pool market today and it's important to find a good one that you can trust.

Here are some tips to help you choose a swimming pool specialist that will meet your expectations.