Our liner colours

Much more than simply a protective coating, the liner also helps determine the style of your pool:

  • Tuscany liner: a sandy tone, for water the colour of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Grey liner: a colour that will add a stylish contemporary touch to your garden.
  • Marble Slate liner: A charcoal-grey colour and pattern, giving the sensation of depth and creating a mirror effect.


The advantages of Waterair Swimming Pool liners

Our pool liners have been designed to ensure:

  • Longevity: In 75/100th PVC, they follow NFT 54-803-1 manufacturing standards. Our liners have an incomparable lifespan.
  • Durability: Our liners won't split in frosty weather, nor will they succumb to such stresses as scratches from dogs.
  • Easy maintenance: Thanks to their smooth surface, our liners are easy to clean.

Because we are confident of the quality of our products, Waterair Swimming Pool liners are guaranteed for 12 years with no degressivity! *
* According to our terms and conditions.


Laying your liner

Waterair Swimming Pool liners are fixed using an exclusive invisible, adjustable and exchangeable fixing system called FIRE+.
This solution has three advantages: 

  1. A perfect finish thanks to discreet fixing.
  2. No unsightly folds, even if you didn't respect the intended depth. 
  3. You can change the liner without needing to remove the copings or pool surrounds.

To create your own bespoke swimming pool, request a feasibility study. A Waterair Swimming Pools advisor will visit you and your garden to offer you a tailor-made solution to suit your desires, your terrain and your budget.