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Design is rooted in the emotion it produces and the functionality it offers. A good design successfully combines these two elements. There is no one definition of design: it is constantly being reinvented and evolves according to the cultures and influences of the designers. This creative activity, which often has an industrial application, makes it possible to invent, improve or facilitate the use of a product.
Whether it’s a car, a table, an electronic device or a swimming pool, the search for innovative design is a major preoccupation for any company.
But what does this look like for Waterair Pools?

Waterair Pools: modern, designer pools

At Waterair Pools, designs are developed to ensure that our pools are as functional as they are modern. We work with a designer called Erwin Van Handenhoven, who places great importance on developing our products.

We have received many design awards. They include two ‘Janus de l’industrie’, which encourage companies in their aspirations to improve the user-friendliness of their products. The Janus is the official recognition of good design.

We have also received several trophies from the FPP (Fédération Française des Professionnels de la Piscine – the French Federation of Pool Professionals) over the last ten years. These trophies are awarded by journalists who specialise in pool and interior design.


Some examples:

The Cléa pool : The unique shape of the Cléa pool makes it possible to create a multi-zone space conducive to relaxation and pleasure. The wooden decking highlights its well-proportioned curves. The design of the Cléa pool earned it a Silver Trophy in 2015 in the freeform urban pools smaller than 30m² category

The Pacio steps : These steps provide a comfortable space for relaxation. They follow the pool’s clean lines while creating a unique space that remains an integral part of the pool. For extra comfort and well-being, you can add adjustable jacuzzi jets for hours of massages and relaxation. Escalight® LED spotlights are also integrable and will enable you to illuminate the steps at night.

Pre-assembled Locatec® premium filtration : The locatec® combines practicality and aesthetics with a duckboard flooring that gives it a certain style. This pre-assembled filtration system was awarded the Gold Trophy by the FPP in 2007 in the accessories category.

The Céline pool : This model enables you to integrate different spaces in the garden. Steps can be added as an option. The Céline pool was awarded the Prix Spécial du Jury 2016 by the Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine in the best value for money category for a freeform family pool.


In order to choose the pool design that best suits your needs, as well as the different equipment that forms part of it, ask for a free and personalised feasibility study.


What is a contemporary pool?

Many families dream of having a contemporary pool. The choice of its shape will be one deciding factor, but not the only one.

In fact, there are various elements that affect the overall appearance of a pool:

  • The colour of the lining
  • The type of poolside area
  • The edging


The colour of the lining

The choice of liner colour can be an important factor when you are buying or renovating a pool. In fact, the reflections of the water will vary depending on the colour of the liner

The marbled slate liner from the Waterair Pools range creates intense depth and a mirror effect that will add a touch of modernity to your whole garden design.

The Tuscany liner, on the other hand, gives reflections inspired by the Caribbean Sea.

Different colours create different moods, giving your pool the effect you desire.

The poolside landscaping

Your choice will depend on your tastes, but whatever you opt for, the landscaping of your poolside will be a real asset to the look of your pool. A range of materials can be used to create the area around the pool.

  • Wooden decking
  • A pebble beach
  • Concrete slabs
  • Artificial grass


Stone edging

Edging adds the finishing touch to your pool, in terms of both aesthetics and safety. Waterair Pools manufactures and sells its own edgings made from natural reconstituted stone: stone edging. . The off-white colour of the stones enables you to match or contrast them with the design of your poolside area. The stones can be laid either on top of or at the same level as the poolside surface. The latter will ensure continuity to the water’s edge. In addition to creating a modern and designer look and being soft underfoot, stone edging is low maintenance and ensures poolside safety.

As will be clear, having a contemporary, designer pool requires a good understanding of the materials that can be used to enhance your garden. Liner, edging, decking or concrete slabs – all these elements will help you improve your outdoor space and enjoy swimming in the luxury pool that you yourself have created. So, are you ready?


Dive in!

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