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How can you tell the difference between a pool shell and a Waterair swimming pool?

Bespoke swimming pools

Like swimming pool shells, Waterair pools come in many shapes and sizes.  With over 90 models and 200,000 variations, Waterair pools are made to measure!

Your garden is unique – so is your pool!  That is why Waterair Swimming Pools offer different pool shapes and several sizes for each shape. They adapt to all types of natural terrain, even steep slopes.  

A polyester shell is manufactured from a pre-defined mould. The ladder is placed in a fixed position. You can choose where to place the ladder of your Waterair pool – for example, facing the sunset to enjoy a drink and relax after a hard day!

It is the same for the bottom of your pool. A swimming pool shell generally comes with a flat bottom. At Waterair Swimming Pools, we offer different pool bottoms (flat, dished, mini-well) adapt to the different uses of a family pool. 

Over the years, you can also add equipment for added comfort or ease of use (e.g., changing the water treatment system).

Solid structure and 20-year guarantee

Waterair pools benefit from exclusive technology. Their secret? A thick, corrugated steel framework and 4 layers of protection that guarantee mechanical resistance and longevity.  That is why the structure of Waterair pools is guaranteed for 20 years*.

The structure of a swimming pool shell is only guaranteed for 10 years. It is covered with gelcoat to ensure watertightness. For Waterair Swimming Pools, it is the liner that guarantees this function. The liners selected by Waterair Swimming Pools are guaranteed for 12 years*

The separation of the functions of structure and watertightness of Waterair Swimming Pools enables our pools to tolerate slight movements of terrain with no impact on their use.


swimming pool shell is installed in a single block. It is positioned by a crane directly in the garden on a raft foundation. Filling the pool and backfilling the poolside area are carried out at the same time.

With Waterair Swimming Pools, customers can carry out these jobs at their own pace. Thanks to our exclusive technology, it is possible to assemble the pool yourself or to be assisted.  The Waterair offer is designed for customers to work independently and save on labour costs with no compromise on quality.  

The self-bearing structure, consisting of galvanised steel panels, enables the construction and installation of poolside areas to be staggered during the low season and the pool can be filled once the fine weather arrives.


A swimming pool shell can be renovated by calling on an experienced professional who will carry out the job over a few days when weather conditions are favourable. At Waterair Swimming Pools, renovation is carried out in the same way as the assembly of the pool. Everything has been designed for the customer’s autonomy and for pool renovation to be simple, fast (a few hours) and financially accessible.

Over the last 45 years, more than 110 000 families have chosen a Waterair swimming pool. From design to installation, but also throughout the lifetime of your pool, we provide all the support you need to make your dream of an easy-to-use swimming pool come true.

* according to the general conditions of warranty.

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