What is a swimming pool?

Let's look first at what defines a swimming pool.

According to the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), a swimming pool is an enclosed, filtered and disinfected water system.

Consequently, because the natural pool is not treated, it cannot officially be called a 'swimming pool'. A natural pool could be called a swimming pond or an atypical pool. It is entirely ecological and organic because the pool water is filtered by aquatic plants and micro-organisms. The natural pool uses the self-filtering capacity of aquatic ecosystems to maintain water quality without the need for chemical products.

Ingenious, isn't it?

Nevertheless, maintaining a natural pool can prove quite complex. You need to make sure you select the right plants. You'll also need to wait for the ecosystem to get up and running before you can take a swim or you risk disrupting its development.

In addition, you need to consider that natural swimming ponds may cause public health issues. The ecosystem present in this type of pool supports parasites and bacteria in the water that can transmit diseases to swimmers.

Also, the water temperature must not rise above 24°C. In order to ensure that the plants in the pool remain healthy, you need to stabilise the water temperature. And be warned: generally speaking, a comfortable water temperature is 28°C.

In addition, to ensure the proper functioning of algae and other aquatic plants, the pool needs to have an average depth of 1.7m. So you can forget about playing in the pool with the children!

Having a healthy natural swimming pool is possible

At Waterair Swimming Pools, we understand the challenges faced by those who care about sustainable consumption and want to enjoy swimming in an environmentally friendly way. To this end, we have developed water-treatment products that respect both your health and that of your pool.

Our philosophy? Having a healthy pool that uses fewer water-treatment products.

With the Easy Pool ange, we have discovered the low-chlorine magical formula. The product adapts to the volume of your pool to ensure correct dosage and avoid wastage. The water treatment of your pool is stabilised and respects bathers' health.

The electrolysis system is another alternative that likewise enables you to treat your pool water in a balanced way. The electrolyser is a device that can produce chlorine from salt.

A natural swimming pool that fits well into its environment

Having a natural pool is also an aesthetic choice. It is quite possible to have contemporary-design pool that blends well into its surroundings while using natural materials. Many of our clients use natural materials for their pool surrounds (natural wood or stone). Moreover, by choosing a sand-coloured liner and minimal water treatment, the natural pool becomes more achievable than ever with the Waterair Swimming Pools solution.

For find out everything you need to know, request a free and personalised feasibility study. Our sales consultants will help you design the natural pool of your dreams.

Waterair Swimming Pools has developed a balanced water treatment, allowing you to add just the right amount of product to guarantee safe swimming. All that remains for you to do is landscape your pool surrounds using beautiful raw materials and you will have the natural pool of your dreams!