Steps are an essential part of any swimming pool. Aesthetic and useful, the stairs provide safe access to the pool, especially for children and the elderly.

Waterair Swimming Pool steps and their options

Waterair Swimming Pools has been manufacturing pool steps in addition to custom-made pools for more than +50 years. From the Inside, Enjoy, Square and Pacio models to Piano, Orbis, Paso and Welcome, each set of steps has been designed to harmoniously complete the swimming pool and its surrounds. Resolutely modern, all these steps combine fluid lines and understated style. In addition, the comfortable and non-slip steps make getting into and out of the pool safer.

To ensure that each pool area is unique and meets your expectations, Waterair Swimming Pools offers options to customise your pool steps. There are various options, depending on the model chosen: external steps or ones that are integrated into the pool design; integration of LED spotlights to emphasise the lines of the pool and to enable you to enjoy your pool until late in the evening; addition of a headrest; installation of whirlpool jets for relaxing moments between lengths. There are many alternatives: the choice of the ideal steps for your pool is yours!

The perfect steps for your pool

Specially designed to complement our swimming pools, Waterair steps will satisfy both your desires and your needs. If you opt for a slim pool, with a reduced width, the Piano steps will enable you to enter and leave the water as well as enjoy a bench seat. They also save space, because they are positioned as an extension of the seat and so barely encroach on your swimming space.

Steps such as the Paso model are suitable for both small and large pools. Of an optimal width, they provide a seat on their second step, enabling you to rest in comfort.

The wider Welcome steps create a real relaxation area in your pool, where several people can sit together. This is also true of the Pacio model, with its stylish and generous curves, and the Enjoy steps, which are designed to seat two people.

If you’re opting for a medium- or even mini-sized pool, and you don’t want to forgo the comfort of steps for a ladder, the Orbis and Inside models are made for you. The multifunctional Inside corner steps are designed to save you a maximum of space, while offering you a comfortable way to get in and out of the pool. The narrow Orbis steps are added to the pool, while also enabling you to sit down as well as enter the water in complete safety, without encroaching on the main surface of the pool.

Finally, the Square corner steps, triangular in shape, are designed specifically for the Waterair pool model Emily. Practical, because they’re positioned in one of the corners of the pool, they don’t encroach on the pool length but are spacious enough to give you a place to relax.

Dive in!

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