In recent years, the swimming pool market has become more democratic, allowing everyone to enjoy the pleasures of water without breaking the bank. An investment in happiness… What could be better than a swimming pool to release yourself from day-to-day stress and get together as a family? There are many solutions today that are adapted to all gardens and budgets. Allow a minimum area of 100 m² to install a pool as well as a budget between 100 and 20,000 euros for the most economical. Your pool project is an investment that needs to be studied over the long term, in the same way as a house. So, which pool to choose? And how to choose your pool?

By browsing this page, we offer you a real guide to the purchase of a pool. Discover the different types of pool on the market and their relative budgets… but also their different sizes, shapes, bottoms and steps. As for the technical side, you will also discover all the existing types of pool filtration systems as well as all the necessary equipment.

Shall we dive in?

What type of pool and what budget to allow?

Of course, one of the first elements to consider when choosing a pool is the budget that you are prepared to invest in the project and to determine the future use… There are 3 types of pool: in-ground, semi in-ground and above ground. Which pool to choose?

  • The in-ground (or dug) pool: unrivalled comfort and durability!

Solid and durable installation, in-ground pools have the advantage of integrating perfectly into your garden. These highly stable pools will technically and aesthetically integrate into your garden. The choice of an in-ground pool is a worthwhile investment if you want to have a larger swimming area than those offered by above-ground pools. This is even more the case when you realise that the purchase of a (semi) in-ground pool increases the real estate value of your property.

  • The semi in-ground (or semi-dug) pool: the “all terrain” choice!

Like in-ground pools, semi in-ground pools are robust and appreciated for their aesthetics. They also imply certain administrative procedures and enhance the value of your property. As the name suggests, a “semi in-ground’ pool has part above ground and a part that is in the ground. This type of pool is recommended for difficult sites and are less expensive to integrate into sloping areas.

How much does a semi in-ground pool cost? You should count on a budget similar to that of an in-ground pool.

  • Above-ground pools: easy to transport

Less costly and quicker to install than in-ground pools, above-ground pools attract many owners (and tenants) for their ease of use and transportability. An above-ground pool can be a good first step for persons who want to bathe without having to modify the appearance of their garden.

What size of pool to choose?

There are all sorts of pool sizes. You must give careful thought to the shape and dimensions because they will determine the use that you will make of your pool. It’s your choice, depending on your wishes and the types of bathing and activities you want to do. That is why if you want to swim for exercise, you should plan for sufficient length or a lap pool. On the other hand, if you want a pool above all for relaxation and cooling off, a small pool may be ample for your needs. It also depends on the amount you are prepared to invest in your pool project and the area of your site.

  • Standard size pool: around 32 m²
  • Mini pool: less than 10 m²
  • Lap pool (sports swimming): from 10 m in length

Discover more about the sizes of the 90 models Waterair Swimming Pools has to offer.

What pool shape should you choose?

There are different pool shapes adapted for every use and garden. Therefore, you consider both the aesthetic aspect, i.e. which shape will best integrate into your garden or landscape, and the advantages of one shape or the other… swimming, relaxation, games, aquabiking, etc.

Among the most well-known pool models:

  • the “oval” pool: integrates easily and harmoniously. They enable you to swim lengths and allow good circulation around the pool; They are suitable for fans of aqua-siestas and athletes alike;
  • the “bean-shaped” pool: a multi-zone; pool that gently fits into the landscape. Its distinct areas separate hyper-active children from hyper-inactive parents;
  • the “rectangular” pool: classic, stylish and timeless;
  • the “free-form” pool: optimises available space through an atypical shape that adapts to your garden;
  • the lap pool: for athletes only

Find all the Waterair pool shapes that are adapted to your usage.

Pool bottoms and depths

The choice of the bottom and depth of your pool is crucial because it determines the use, comfort, maintenance/heating budget and, of course, safety. To guide you, ask yourself the following question: “Who will use the pool and how will they use it?”

  • Bottoms suitable for family use (swimming, games, persons of different sizes) :
    • 1.20 m flat bottom
    • Dished bottom from 1.20 to 1.80 m
    • Mini-well from 1.20 to 1.80 m
  • Bottoms that are poorly or less well-adapted for family use:
    • Deep end from 1.20 to 2.40 m
    • 1.50 m flat bottom
  • For sports use:
    • To dive from a board: Deep end
    • To swim: all types of bottom; the most important parameter is the length of the pool
    • For aquabiking: 1.20 m flat bottom or mini-well

Learn more about depths and pool bottoms.

Choosing your pool steps

Steps are a key element of the pool… In addition to providing a means of access, they must meet three criteria: comfort (good seating), safety and design. There are two main types of steps on the market for in-ground pools: “interior” and “exterior”.

  • interior steps are incorporated into the pool structure
  • exterior steps are installed outside of the pool structure

Waterair Swimming Pools offers ready-to-install exit/exterior and entry/interior pool steps that adapt perfectly to the structure of your pool.

  • exit steps (exterior): to optimise the swimming area and relax away from splashes.
  • entry steps (interior): more discreet and modern, they fit the interior shape of the pool.

Of course, a ladder (even though it does not provide the same comfort as steps) remains a common means of access, enabling the optimisation of the (mini) pool area.

Discover more about pool steps and the Waterair Swimming Pools range

Which filtration system to choose for my pool?

Maintenance is essential to keep your pool water clean and clear. For this, you should count on:

  • 80% for your filtration system
  • 20% for quality treatment products

There are several types of filters, which are the main element of the filtration system. The criteria for the choice of the system can be based on the fineness of filtration, the timed required for maintenance and water consumption:

Other selection criteria can be found on the page dedicated to pool filtration. You can also discover the pool filtration solutions offered by Waterair Swimming Pools.

What equipment to choose for my pool? Pool shelter, heating, alarms, etc.?

In addition to filtration, you can add pool equipment that can:

  • extend the bathing period, such as shelters, heat pumps or pool covers

These additions to the purchase of a pool will enable you to enjoy your pool and extend the bathing period, even when the temperatures are less pleasant.

  • simplify pool maintenance, such as shelters, pool robots or automatic water treatment devices (e.g. salt electrolysers)

These can enable you to limit the time spent on pool maintenance to allow you to spend more time in the pool!

  • secure your pool with one of the 4 regulatory devices (French law of 3 January 2003): alarms, fences, covers or shelters

These elements enable you to prevent any danger around your pool for the whole family.

Waterair Swimming Pools offers all types of equipment, from the simple pool cover to the most efficient pool shelters. In addition, you can choose the optimum solution, the all-in-one Waterair Solae®, which combines the functions of heating, safety and winterising.

Pool construction techniques

In order to finalise your choice of pool, you must consider the construction technique. There are 2 families of construction techniques:

  • Industrial-built pools:
    • Swimming pool shells: the pool consists of a single, factory-moulded block
    • Steel/concrete/etc. panels: this type of pool is very economical and ensures easy installation in your garden and enables bespoke projects

The principal advantage of industrial-built pools is that quality is assured by factory manufacture of the pool or panels.

  • Non-industrial-built pools/built on site:
    • Poured or projected concrete pools: this type of pool must be built by a builder
    • Breeze-block pools: breeze blocks are used to create the shape of the pool

However, the quality of non-industrial-built pools depends on the execution of the works, which depends on the weather and the professional capacity of the builder that installs the pool. Also note that the duration of the works is generally shorter for an industrial-built swimming pool.

The choice of the technique may depend on your budget, the configuration of your garden or its accessibility.

Why choose a Waterair swimming pool?

A family company from Alsace, France, we have over +50 years of experience. More than 133 000families have entrusted us with their swimming pool projects.

Our swimming pools are:

  • bespoke swimming pools: 90 models, 200,000 variations of size, shape, colour, depth, etc., ensuring you a pool that matches your image
  • robust pools for all sites: the exclusive and patented technology of the framework consists of thick, corrugated steel panels, guaranteeing the long-term solidity of your swimming pool. According to a report by the Véritas bureau, our panels have a stability the can equal that of a concrete wall 45 cm thick!
  • pools that are easy to install and maintain
  • economic pools: by installing their pools themselves, our customers can save between 30 and 50% on labour, with no compromise on quality

We provide our customers support for the choice of their pool and throughout its lifetime. Our structure is guaranteed for 20 years and our pool liners are guaranteed for 12 years. ***

Thanks to our expertise, Waterair Swimming Pools can help you realise your swimming pool project. We will determine with you which pool to build and which equipment to complement it with. You can request your free catalogue or a site study today.


*** according to our general conditions of warranty

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