Waterair Solae®: multi-purpose solar pool cover

The Waterair Solae® multi-purpose solar pool cover is an exclusive and patented innovation


This new generation of pool covers combines many functions:

  • Heating your swimming pool by up to an additional 9°C* thanks to solar energy by greenhouse effect.
  • Safety, in line with NF P90-308 standards
  • Simplicity: easy to roll up using the electric reel system supplied
  • Easy maintenance: it protects the pool from contaminants
  • Over-wintering: its opaque modules prevent photosynthesis during winter, so that your pool is easier to use again come fine weather

The eco·r-labelled Solae Waterair® is a product designed with econology and sustainable development in mind, in order to respect the environment and provide you with maximum comfort.

An important and exceptionally economical innovation that will allow you to significantly extend your swimming season.
* result certified by a bailiff

Waterair Solae®: an ingenious and innovative concept

Heat your pool for free by up to +9°C

Keep your pool safe

Waterair Solae® is designed to ensure safety around your pool. With its mesh panels and aluminium bars, this pool cover complies with current safety standards (NF P90-308). The mesh panels also allow you to regulate the temperature of the pool water with complete peace of mind. In hot weather, all you need to do is remove one or more translucent panels. The mesh will continue to ensure the pool’s safety.

Protect your pool effectively

Waterair Solae® is a truly multi-purpose cover. Covering your pool after each time you use it will enable you to :

  • limit the use of cleaning products
  • limit the evaporation of water
  • limit the frequency of maintenance tasks
  • heat the water for free

Suitable for all types of pool

Covering and uncovering your pool is quick and easy!

A single person is able to handle the cover easily thanks to the supplied electric reel system.

Over-winter your pool with peace of mind

To prevent photosynthesis and the proliferation of algae, the Waterair Solae® cover is equipped with opaque panels, which replace the translucent ones. Thus, your pool is easier to use again come fine weather.

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