The multi-functional, evolving technical room  

Locatec is an exclusive design from WATERAIR Swimming Pools. It is a multifunctional mass-produced technical unit that is stylish and practical and offers optimum comfort of use.

Locatec® has an anti-slip polyester shower tray. Any type of shower can be installed with Locatec®. 

Locatec is entirely assembled in the factory. Its all-in-one design that makes it easier to install as close to the pool as possible, which is the ideal location for a shower.
Locatec is fitted with an exclusive WATERAIR pump and guarantees optimum water quality thanks to 40 to 50-micron filtration with a sand filter or a cartridge filter. 

The cover has a handle and a lock for greater safety. The shower tray can easily take the weight of an adult and its structure offers maximum sound reduction. 

Locatec® won the Gold Trophy at the Trophées de la Piscine 2007 which was organised by the FPP. The Gold Trophy is awarded in recognition of innovative creations that facilitate the maintenance or use of swimming pools.