Safety, terrain, neighbours, sunshine: what are the factors you need to consider before choosing where to site your Waterair pool?

The location of your swimming pool must be thought through carefully. A Waterair sales advisor will come to your home to draw up an estimate, but also to give you advice on choosing the best location for your pool. They will help you make the most of your terrain to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible when using your future pool. Let’s focus on the different aspects you’ll need to take into account.


Choose a location that receives maximum sunlight during the day. This will save you money on heating and you’ll be able to make the most of your pool during the summer. To guide you, observe the path of the sun in your garden during the day.

Soil quality and underground networks

The quality of the soil is one of the most important criteria for choosing the location of a swimming pool. Waterair swimming pools can be installed on the vast majority of soils as well as on sloping site.
Even if the soil in your garden is sandy or clayey, for example, it is perfectly possible to install a swimming pool. But you will need to take certain precautions:

  • to install a swimming pool in sandy soil, you’ll need peripheral drainage and a decompression well
  • to install a swimming pool in clay soil, installing a drainage system (a bed of gravel under the screed, a peripheral drain and a decompression well) will be essential

However, we do not recommend installing a pool on land that has been backfilled less than 10 years ago. You will also need to pay attention to any underground pipes, which must not be damaged in any way.

Surrounding vegetation

It’s important to take into account the surrounding vegetation when choosing the location of your swimming pool. Installing the pool in an open area will allow you to enjoy maximum sunshine, preserve the purity of the pool and enjoy the view, with your feet in the water.

Neighbours and privacy

Remember to install your pool away from prying eyes so that you can enjoy it freely and at your leisure. Also be careful not to choose a location that could inconvenience your neighbours. Swimming, especially with children, can cause noise pollution. Many urban plans impose certain distance restrictions for the installation of a swimming pool or a building. Consult local regulations before installing your Waterair swimming pool.

Other elements must also be taken into account when choosing the location of your swimming pool, such as exposure to wind and the installation of mandatory safety measures.

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