Quand installer sa piscine ?

To help you plan your pool project properly, we offer you a summary of the main steps… Are you wondering when to buy your swimming pool? When is the best season to install it? Good news, you can start now, whatever the season!

Like many other people, you’ve decided to go swimming as soon as the warm weather arrives. The secret to a successful project is to consider the different stages and get organised upstream to buy your pool and install it at the right time. That way, you don’t waste time and are ready to dive in when summer comes around.


What’s the best time to buy a swimming pool?

Buying a swimming pool can, of course, be done at any time, but to ensure you can swim as soon as summer comes around, choose these two periods to buy your pool before installing it:

  • in late winter / early spring;
  • during the autumn.

By getting started early in the season, you’ll be able to benefit from the earliest possible start dates and shortest construction times. In a few months time, the professionals will be less available to install your pool due to the increase in demand.


Buying a swimming pool in late winter or early spring

If you buy your swimming pool early in the year or in the spring, installation can begin as soon as you’ve got planning permission (when necessary*). It usually takes about a month, but may vary depending on your local council.

You can get all the information you need from your local authority. You then have all the time you need to install your pool before summer arrives.


Choosing autumn to buy your swimming pool

Making your project a reality by buying your swimming pool in the autumn means you can prepare for the next summer calmly. This will give you time to build your pool at your own pace during the autumn, or even during the winter.

You can take advantage of the spring to landscape the surroundings. Once the liner is in place and the pool is up and running, you can take the plunge! By getting started very early, your swimming space will be completely finished in time for summer and all your neighbours will be envious.


What’s the best time to install a swimming pool?

To determine the best time to install your pool, first define the time required for its assembly, so you can be certain of completing its construction before the summer.


Take into account the time taken to build the swimming pool

Depending on the type, model and brand of swimming pool chosen, construction times may vary. A concrete swimming pool, for example, requires a specific drying time. And, of course, the installation of your swimming pool depends on other factors, such as:

  • Your availability;
  • the amount of help you get;
  • your service providers’ schedule;
  • the weather, etc.

In addition, you’ll certainly want to change the layout of your garden around your swimming pool (patio, plants, furniture, etc.). Although not essential for swimming, garden work near the pool can make the water dirty, which is why it’s better to get everything finished before using the pool. Depending on these criteria, the construction or assembly time may vary from two weeks to several months.

However, if you opt for a kit swimming pool, like those offered by Waterair Pools, you can optimise its construction thanks to a simple and quick assembly method, guided by personalised instructions. To save even more time, several assembly methods are available, so you can get professional help at one, several, or even every stage of the installation of your swimming pool.


What’s the best time to install a swimming pool?

To install a swimming pool calmly before summer, outside temperatures should be neither too hot or too cold, with a minimal risk of bad weather – above all, it’s a question of avoiding freezing, especially if you choose a concrete swimming pool. The steel structure of Waterair swimming pools reduces this risk. With its corrugated panels, a Waterair swimming pool is self-supporting and offers the same resistance as a 40-cm concrete wall. Once the assembly of the structure is complete, the swimming pool can remain empty without risk. It can then be filled with water at the last minute when the weather is warmer.

We therefore recommend installing your swimming pool in the autumn or late winter, when temperatures are higher and any risk of frost or excessive rain has passed. These factors largely depend on the prevailing climate in your region.

To give you the best advice on your project, Waterair sales representatives are specially trained and are available to help you decide on the best timing, so that your swimming pool is ready in time for summer. Feel free to request a free installation study.

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