​​Don’t have a lot of space in your garden, but still dream of having a swimming pool? Opt for a 10m2 or smaller pool: a smart choice with lots of advantages!

Why choose a small pool?

Pools of 10m2 or under are the perfect solution to the problems posed by small plots. Their small size also makes them affordably priced and easy to maintain.


A swimming pool suitable for small terrains

Do you dream of enjoying a pool, but fear that your garden is too small for one? Or does your garden have an atypical shape that would, you think, make it difficult to instal a pool? Opting for a custom-made pool of under 10 m2, or one with a narrow width, like Waterair’s slim models, can provide the perfect solution!

With their reduced size, these small pools can fit in even the smallest of gardens. Designed for your terrain, they offer a real space-saving solution. Of an affordable size, they will allow you to realise your dream of having a swimming pool without cluttering up your outdoor space.

Waterair Swimming Pools offers several small kit pools of various shapes – rounded, square or rectangular – so you’re sure to be able to find the ideal pool to meet the constraints of your space.


A 10m2 pool: treat yourself without breaking the bank

A small, town-garden-sized swimming pool also represents savings on your electricity bill and water consumption. Pools of 10m2 or under hold less water than larger pools, and therefore require less electrical energy to filter and heat it. Naturally, the bill for cleaning products will also be reduced, as you’ll be using less of them.

And, of course, a small pool is much cheaper to buy than a medium-sized or large one. Depending on the materials and technology chosen, the price of a mini pool can vary from €5,000 to €30,000:

Type of mini pool (under 10 m2) Price range (in euros) (en euros)
Kit pools 5 000 – 10 000
fibreglass-shell pool 10 000 – 20 000
Concrete pool 15 000 – 30 000
Wood pool 1 000 – 5 000


By comparison, a large in-ground pool costs, on average, between €15,000 and €50,000. A mini pool kit is an economical and practical choice, because it also has the advantage of being quick and easy to instal.

Want to save even more? Waterair Swimming Pools has developed lines of equipment specially designed to help you maintain your pool at a lower cost. With the Waterair ECO.WAT line of equipment, you can save money on pool use and enjoy your pool without breaking the bank!
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What is the best construction method for a mini swimming pool?

A mini pool is less expensive to build because of its size. . Choosing a small pool in kit form enables you to save on this expense. At Waterair, you have the option of assembling your pool yourself.

Our small swimming pools in kit form are specially designed to simplify this task. You also get a personalised assembly guide. For total control of your budget, you can also choose from one of our assembly options and receive assistance from our partners at various stages of the project.

It doesn’t matter what size your garden is: our 10m² or smaller pools are suitable for even the smallest plots. The Waterair mini pools in kit form come in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs perfectly. Moreover, they are fully customisable, enabling you to create a unique pool that suits your desires, your budget and your garden.

Is your garden narrow? Waterair has developed slim pools to perfectly fit your outdoor space. Of an appropriate size, these small pools also have a reduced width, between 1.96m and 2.89m, that will suit even the narrowest and most difficult terrains!

Has the mini pool kit caught your eye? Book a feasibility study with a Waterair adviser, who can help you choose the model best suited to your small site!