Économique et performant, le Plug-in Eco R vous permet de régler la puissance de la filtration de votre piscine Waterair très facilement

Economical and efficient swimming pool filtration: the Eco·R Plug-in

Simply plugged into the pump’s power supply, the Eco·R Plug-in allows you to easily adjust the power of your swimming pool’s filtration on the easy·care by Waterair app.

The Eco R plug-in, what is it?

The latest addition to the Waterair Performance equipment range, the Eco·R Plug-in is connected between the filtration pump and the electrical box of your swimming pool. Once installed, this device allows you to adjust the pump’s power.

Why? Simply put, it makes your swimming pool’s filtration system more efficient and energy conserving. It’s also makes for a more pleasant experience, due to its significant and appreciable noise reduction when the filtration is in operation.

For more economical swimming pool filtration

When you adjust the speed of your filtration pump, the Plug-in Eco R adapts its power to just what’s necessary to enjoy your swimming pool. This allows you to save a significant amount of electricity. Integrating the Eco R Plug-in into your swimming pool filtration system makes good financial sense, since your purchase pays for itself in less than five years.

In addition, you’ll extend the life of your pump. Already easy to maintain and reliable, Waterair cartridge and sand filtration devices, as well as the Locaroc 2, are enhanced tenfold with the Plug-in Eco R.

An efficient and connected swimming pool filtration system

Easy to install, the Plug-in Eco R is easily connected to your swimming pool pump through the use of two electrical cables. All you need to do is connect it to the easy·care by Waterair app.

With a few clicks in the application, you can choose between three filtration modes:

  • performance, for a filtration power that’s adapted to your swimming pool, economical and silent;
  • full power, to clean your swimming pool thoroughly, use a balneotherapy system or filter the water after a short period of inactivity;
  • minimal filtration, specifically designed for wintering.

Included in the equipment range:

Compatible filtration:

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