Cartridge filters for swimming pools

Included in your Waterair Essential equipment package, the cartridge pool filtration system is a simple and effective way to ensure optimal water quality in your pool.

What is a cartridge filter ?

This filtration method is suitable for all swimming pools and can be installed in a technical room or in the basement of your home. Cartridge filters for swimming pools offer a filtration fineness of 20 microns (compared an average of 50 for sand filters). It doesn’t need to be connected to mains drainage and only requires a few litres of water for its maintenance.

How to clean your swimming pool’s cartridge filter ?

Waterair cartridge filters are deliberately oversized to ensure they are really convenient to use and require less frequent maintenance than conventional filters. Washing with clean water every 4 to 6 weeks is all it takes to ensure the efficient filtration. And if your pool is protected by a cover, maintenance can be carried out even less frequently.

Choose the Waterair Performance cartridge filter :

Transform your cartridge filter by adding the Eco·R Plug-in. This pump speed variation system allows you to select the ideal filtration power for your pool.

Make considerable energy savings with this solution that consumes up to five times less energy than conventional filtration. Your purchase will have paid for itself in less than five years. This is good for your purchasing power and for the environment.

Connect to our easy·care mobile app and control everything from your smartphone.

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To find out more, request a free personalised feasibility study. One of our advisers will assist you in designing your swimming pool project to suit your needs, your garden and your budget.

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