With the ECO.PILOT equipment line, save on treatment products, save water and free your mind from maintenance worries by automated management of your pool.

What does the ECO.PILOT line of pool equipment consist of ?

By selecting the ECO.PILOT equipment line, treatment is managed automatically by your salt chlorinator and its pH regulation pump. Combined with the easy·care connected environment, your pool is operated and regulated completely entirely your intervention.

How does the ECO.PILOT line work ?

Using a mobile application, you have one-click access to all the water parameters, corrective actions to be performed and recommended doses, ideally suited to your pool. Find out how this innovation works to make your life easier.

1. A connected analyser immersed in your pool

It measures the various water parameters (temperature, pH, chlorine) are continuously. The necessary data and corrections are then sent to the Waterair box.

Wasseranalysator für Pools Wasseranalysator für Pools

2. A Waterair box and a mobile app

Connected to your internet box, the Waterair box receives all the information directly from the analyser, which it interprets and then sends to the easy·care mobile app.

The app then tells you the parameters of your water and actions to be carried out in real time wherever you are, all without a subscription.

Box für vernetzten Waterair-Pool Box für vernetzten Waterair-Pool

3. A salt chlorinator that converts salt into chlorine

By connecting the power supply of your Silver salt chlorinator to your Connected Pool box, easy·care by Waterair operates the salt chlorinator for you. It produces the right amount of chlorine to disinfect your pool. This provides:

  • savings on water treatment products;
  • automatic chlorine production with little human intervention;
  • simple and relaxed maintenance.

Electrolysis treatment also eliminates the need to use stabiliser in bathing water. So you don’t have to renew a third of the volume of your pool every year, which saves a significant amount of water.

4. A connected pH dosing pump

The easy·care pH injection pump takes care of measuring the pH of your pool for you, using a probe and correcting it automatically.

5. A Connected Pool box installed on your filtration system

Control your pool’s filtration and turn on your lights from the mobile app. This box adjusts the required filtration time automatically based on the water temperature measured by the analyser, both summer and winter. This way, you save energy every day.

Automatizare filtrare piscină Automatizare filtrare piscină

6. A pressure sensor to protect your system

It safeguards your pump if there’s an incident (low water level, valve closed). It tells you any corrective actions to be taken to ensure your pool is operating correctly. It protects your filtration system.

Protecție filtrare Piscine Waterair Protecție filtrare Piscine Waterair

ECO.PILOT pool equipment :

What advantages are provided by the ECO.PILOT line ?

The ECO.PILOT equipment line provides a number of advantages; easy·care acts like an autopilot on your pool equipment. It optimises operation of the pool, taking action based on the filtration time, production from the salt chlorinator, pH dose and filter clogging indicator. On a daily, this results in:

  1. Adjusted consumption limited to the pool’s strict needs
  2. Considerable time savings
  3. Financial savings
  4. Better preservation of the water and your pool equipment (pressure sensor)
  5. Peace of mind

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