What if, in addition to being a genuine source of enjoyment, your pool was less energy-intensive, and therefore more economical? This is what we offer with the Waterair ECO.WAT equipment package.


What does the Waterair ECO.WAT pool equipment package include?

For this package, we have upgraded our filtration systems to make them low-energy and very quiet solutions. The filtration pump uses up to five times less energy than a traditional filtration system. This means that you’ll save money on your electricity bill. And your purchase will have paid for itself in less than five years.
* Depending on the conditions and rates applied by your electricity supplier.

How can you make your swimming pool filtration system more efficient?

The filtration system is the motor of your pool, taking care of 80 percent of the water treatment. We have therefore designed our solutions to ensure their optimal efficiency and ease of use.
On average, a standard filtration system runs for 2200 hours per year and therefore uses a lot of electricity. Thanks to our ongoing research into innovative solutions, we have developed new, energy-saving alternatives.

Our pre-assembled filtration systems

Discover Locaroc 2

Locaroc 2 is a true turnkey and upgradable plant room. Its design will blend discreetly into your garden for a more natural look. Because it comes pre-assembled, it’s very easy and much faster to install, without the need for additional labour.
Its advantages
It’s ingenious, evolving with the seasons. It comes pre-assembled and can be installed near your pool discreetly and simply.

And its high-ECO.WAT version

Equip your Locaroc 2 pre-assembled filtration system with the eco·r plugin This control unit adapts the filtration power to just what is needed to suit the size of your pool and the desired operating mode. As a result, it reduces the filtration system’s energy consumption. Because the pump turns more slowly, its longevity is increased and noise pollution reduced.

Waterair Performance equipment package Waterair Performance equipment package

Our integrated filtration systems

Filwat Compact System® is installed at the edge of your pool, thus avoiding the need for a plant room. It is suitable for swimming pools with a surface area of less than 46 m3.
Its very fine filtration (20 microns) ensures crystal-clear water. For ease of use, our filtration media are large in size, so they require infrequent maintenance: cleaning once a month will be sufficient.
Its advantages
Fitted at the same time as your pool structure, it’s the quickest system to install. It requires just a simple electrical connection.

An energy-saving filtration system An energy-saving filtration system

Its high-ECO.WAT version

This innovative and patented filtration system ensures the same perfect water quality thanks to its fine (20 microns) filtration. It consumes five times less energy than a traditional filtration system.
Its advantages

  • Very quiet – ideal for combating noise pollution.
  • Its ease of installation and minimal footprint.
  • Its very flat design can adapt to all types of pool surround.
Pool filtration Pool filtration

Waterair ECO.WAT is a real bonus in every respect

It’s energy-saving, so it’s good for both your wallet and the planet. Thanks to these savings, you will enjoy a return on your investment (compared to traditional filtration systems). Your purchase will have paid for itself in less than five years.

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Equipment included in your Waterair ECO.WAT package:

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