písková filtrace bazénu
filtre à sable piscine Waterair
písková filtrace bazénu
filtre à sable piscine Waterair

Sand filtration for swimming pools

A pool filter is a must. It eliminates the impurities present in the water and enables you to enjoy clear water in your pool. If you choose a sand filter, it will be included in the price of your Waterair Essential equipment line.

Choose the Waterair Performance sand filter:

A filtration system is essential for a swimming pool because it provides 80% of the water treatment needs of your pool. But running a sand filter is energy intensive. It is estimated that, on average, a filtration system runs for 2,200 hours per year, excluding active wintering. To reduce the electricity consumption of filtration systems, Waterair Swimming Pools has carried out research and is developing less energy-consuming solutions, including the Waterair Performance and Top lines of equipment. In 2021, the company was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label for its zero-impact pool.

Transform your sand filter into a low-consumption system by adding the Eco·R Plug-in. This pump speed variation system enables you to select the ideal filtration power for your pool.

You can make considerable energy savings with this solution, which consumes up to five times less energy than a conventional filtration system. Your purchase will have paid for itself in less than five years. This is good news for your budget and for the environment. Connected to our easy·care mobile app, you can control everything from your smartphone.


How does a swimming pool sand filter work?

Like cartridge filtration, a sand filtration system is easy to install in a plant room near the pool or in the basement of your home.

The stages of water filtration

The sand filter takes the form of a tank filled with sand. The pool water is filtered in several stages:

  • the pool water is drawn from the pool via the skimmers using a pump
  • this water laden with impurities then passes through a filter made up of a mixture of sand and gravel, which retains the impurities
  • the filtered water then returns to the pool via the discharge nozzles.

Filtration efficiency

The sand filtration system has an efficiency of 30–40 microns. It is a little coarser than a cartridge filtration system, which has a filtration efficiency of around 20–25 microns. But sand filtration is one of the most widely used filtration solutions because it is both easy to run and efficient.


How to clean your pool’s sand filter

The sand filter responsible for maintaining the water quality of your swimming pool needs regular attention and maintenance.

Carrying out a regular backwash

By dint of filtering impurities, your pool’s sand filter will contain more and more dirt. This makes it harder for the water to circulate through your filter system and the pressure then increases. You will then need to carry out a backwash.

Your sand filter has a function that enables you to rinse the filter sand present within the filtration system. To carry out this backwash:

  • turn off the filter pump
  • place the 6-way valve in the ‘backwash’ position
  • restart the filter pump and leave the backwash to operate (this usually takes less than 5 minutes, but times vary depending on the state of the water)
  • stop the pump and place the valve on the ‘rinse’ position (this takes about 30 seconds)
  • restart the filtration pump and run for about 1 minute
  • stop the pump again, reposition the 6-way valve to the ‘filtration’ position and restart the pump.

This backwashing operation should be carried out at least once a month. This step uses a lot of water, much more than a cartridge filtration system. Ideally, this procedure should be carried out when the water level in the pool is relatively high.

Changing the sand

Despite regular backwashing, a pool sand filter will eventually clog up. So, after several years of use, you will need to change the filter sand. Depending on your pool’s exposure to pollutants (insects, dead leaves, etc.), the sand may need to be changed every 2, 3, 5 or 7 years.


Sand or cartridge: which filtration system to choose?

To help you choose the best filtration system for your pool, here is a comparison table between the sand filter and the cartridge filter:

Sand filter Cartridge filter
Filtration efficiency 40–50 microns 20–25 microns
Use of chemicals A coarser filtration medium requires more chemicals to balance the water A finer filtration medium reduces the need for chemicals
Water consumption Important water losses are to be expected during each backwash Low, because minimal water discharge during maintenance
Maintenance Regular backwashing, treatment of emissions, risk of proliferation in the event of algae in the sand filter Regular maintenance consisting of opening the filter, extracting the cartridge and rinsing it with water
Consommables Sand needs replacing every 2–5 years, on average Cartridges need replacing every 3–5 years

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